Extending Grace vintage and antiques.

The Extending Grace Story 2022

Or How Two Flexible 65-Year-Olds Follow Their Dream …

We didn’t start our journey  at age 65, but we certainly feel like we’re coming into our own this year.

Devon Cretella and Susan Mocker met and exchanged pleasantries in the 80’s. (Devon had on a corduroy jumper, that much I remember. She is always the more fashion conscious.) Then we passed like ships in the night until the late 90’s when we started going to the same church and the rest is history. 

A very rich history filled with spouses, raising kids, antiquing, art shows, house church and a deep lasting friendship. Things we’ve perfected over the years:

  • Road trips – we can take a 2 hour trip and turn it into a 12 hour adventure filled with antiques and thrifting. 
  • Weekend getaways – even if they fall on a Monday or Tuesday. We fill every moment with intention; learning new DIY techniques or creating an online store during the pandemic, we’ve learned to maximize these precious getaways. 

Things we’re working on: 

  • Making the shopping experience as seamless and fun as can be. We love having events at the store where folks can gather, shop and visit. We absolutely love it when friends get reacquainted while in the shop! What a treat! 
  • Improving the online experience through our app and online store! Did you know you can shop at Extending Grace from home 24/7 and still do local pickup? 
  • Ways to better serve our vendors as well. Our local artists, makers and collectors that create, hunt and gather to provide for you are priceless to us. We cannot do this without them.
  • Finding the coolest, most unique and affordable décor for your homes. Most of our items are one of a kind; we love that and we think you do too. 
  • Providing you with the tools and tutorials to create, update and restore furnishings and accessories for your home. We are constantly on the hunt for high quality brands that help you create your most hospitable home. 
  • Creating unique workshops that will spur you on to create in your own home and for those you love. 
  • Communicating more with you via email and new blog posts.